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Here’s that mp3 you wanted of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” with the vocals removed and replaced with me singing them as chicken clucks.

this is my hell


You should check out… Don’t Do It Again by Tallboys



the first time I saw this video I thought to myself “7 minutes? There’s no way I’m going to watch all of that”

how wrong I was

Tumblr what have you done to my life




The greatest infomercial ever created.

I want someone to email me and say, hey, guess what, you were adopted and big hot dog guy is your real dad




Here’s a really bad video about social media marketing. We’re mad we even had to watch this.

Go ahead, ruin your day. 


Drake loves the molasses cookies I made him.

I’ll bet they’re SOFT baked


Drake loves the molasses cookies I made him.

I’ll bet they’re SOFT baked

My stupid band self-recorded another EP and we worked really hard on it.

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Every On Screen Death in Game of Thrones In Under 3 Minutes

Warning: Soilers
Warning: Death

Here’s that thing I was talking about


I gave in recently and finally started using OKCupid (for its intended purpose) and have sent out some messages, and let me tell you, the response has been, what’s the word I’m looking for? “Nonexistent.” The response has been nonexistent. But like, I’ve met me, so I totally understand. 

OkCupid is a pile of dry catshit formed into the shape of a hibachi dinner and you see it just sitting on top of what looks like a tray of sand and think, “oh I love hibachi. I haven’t had hibachi in ages” so you make sure no one else is looking and wipe off all the sand and when you take a bite it’s still cat shit and the sand is urine-filled cat litter and even though you’re not any less hungry you’ve removed your desire to eat anything for the perceivable future

yeahiwasintheshit replied to your post: I’m only 15 seconds into cutting this …

cats. people want cats.

I’ve only made two videos that broke a million views and both of them are basically animals doing stuff that animals already do. I’m not gonna go into a whole thesis on discovery content vs fulfillment content, but suffice to say you’re absolutely right and — unless at some point cats have been extinct for so long that future humans don’t have a firm concept of them anymore — always will be right. 

It is 3:30am. Who ate all my bagel chips.

I’m only 15 seconds into cutting this video and it’s already my favorite piece of internet garbage I’ve made.